SRA Color Correction: Clearer Skin with Photofacial Technology

Imagine getting a facial using the power of light! That’s what SRA Color Correction can do, and it’s how Restore Me Med Spa reduces sun spots, age spots and more, safely and effectively.

SRA Color Correction Delivers Clearer Skin

At Restore Me Med Spa, we combine Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with radio frequency (RF) energy to remove only pigmented and vascular lesions within the skin. The surrounding skin remains unharmed, so you will experience less discomfort than other procedures. The process occurs as follows:

  • Light energy (IPL) directly preheats the targeted tissue, either pigmented irregularities or vascular lesions
  • The heated tissue then attracts the radio frequency energy, which further elevates the temperature
  • The heating destroys the targeted tissue, improving the appearance of the skin

Triniti Treatments Offer Complete Facial Rejuvenation

We can also provide SRA Color Correction treatments in conjunction with Sublative and Sublime skin rejuvenation techniques for a special treatment called triniti™. This treatment combines three highly effective technologies to treat a range of wrinkles, improve facial contours and deliver color correction.

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SRA Color Correction Clinical Results